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Here are some interesting facts about Frogs !



This little chap came courtesy of the Smithsonian Institute

Frogs have been around unchanged for 190 million years, and there are around 4740 species around. The Triadobatrachus frog skeleton from the Lower Triassic era is 200-245 million years old.

Frogs lay 3000 to 4000 eggs at any one time. Can you imagine how hard it would be for the father to name them all if they hatched ?

Frogs shed their skin when they get too big for it ... then eat it. Come on guys, this is like nose-mining.

Frogs don't need to drink - they absorb water through their skin. This would be like drinking your own bath water.. or from the toilet ?? Eew.

Two species of burrowing Australian frogs of the Notaden genus that live one metre underground, only surface during torrential rain. At these times they are vulnerable to attack from insects.To protect themselves they secrete a glue that gums up the jaws of the biting insects and traps them to their skin, which they later eat.

The Poison Arrow Frog has enough poison to kill almost 2,200 people ...

Some frogs can inflate their throat to make it bigger than their head.

The Eastern wood frog freezes every winter. 67 percent of the frog's body freezes hard but as the frog slowly freezes over several hours, it pumps large amounts of glucose anti-freeze into his cells. Gradually it stops breathing, its heart stops and brain activity ceases. He can survive down to about -15 degrees C max.